Our Week: July 22-26, 2019

WHOOPS! We missed our blog last week, due to a few sicknesses in the office. But we are back and healthy, staying cool in this heat!

Starting off Monday at Earth Circle in Lincoln, CA. We have been working on this project for a few weeks now. We installed some more CAT6 drops and completed cubicle routing. During this project we installed patch cables to each cube. We used different color patch cables to differentiate what the patch cables are servicing. Grey patch cables were used at the PCs for data. Black cables for the VOIP desk phones. Yellow was used for Access Points and red was used for the servers.
Take a look at these cool looking desks!

Next we headed out to Davis to complete a custom home theater install. This customer wanted us to swap out her existing receiver for one of our Yamaha Aventage 780 re​ceivers. The Yamaha RX-A780 delivers thrilling home theater sound with tons of music choices. This 4K-compatible receiver has decoding for Dolby Atmos for 360-degree surround sound with overhead effects. We also installed the latest AppleTV and installed a Yamaha subwoofer. 

We also sent Rick out to do a diagnosis on a residential speaker system. The customer stated that her speakers were not working. After a diagnosis of her system, we discovered that she had a bad volume control. We had to order this specific volume control and return the next day to install it. Our technician Chris installed the volume control and now her speakers are working!

We also sent techs out to do a few TV mountings in Elk Grove. This homeowner has been a loyal customer of ours for about 14 years now! She recently purchased some new televisions, one 86″ and one 55″. We mounted these TV’s on tilt mounts that will allow the customer to adjust the angle (up or down) approximately 15 degrees. She did not want the cabling concealed (as you can see in the photo) due to building a new home custom in Elk Grove that she will be moving into next year. Cant wait to help out with her new build!

We hope you all stay cool this weekend!